"Need a computer? How about one for $219? If you're not one of those folks who've just got to have the latest and greatest, you can save a lot of money buying a computer that was just discarded by someone who is. This store serves two main purposes: First, they'll safely dispose of your old computers, TVs, and other electronics. Then, computers worth recycling are repaired, refurbished, and put up for sale. They offer 90-day warranties and in-home setup, and training is available if you need it. The store is tucked away in the industrial area of San Rafael, a couple of blocks behind the Best Buy and across from Jackson's Hardware. They accept all electronics for disposal or recyling at no charge, but don't expect a tax refund - this is a for-profit business. You do get brownie points, though, for being green." Michael Finney. Finney's Finds. Alamo, CA: Wires & Lights, 2013.